virtual-t3 is for free!

I use typo3 since 2002.
For a long time I've searched for a way to give something back to the community. October, 2nd 2007 I found the first way with t3[dmg].
Now, with virtual-t3 there is a second way.
I don't want any money for virtual-t3, but donations are appreciated.

typo3 server in a virtual machine

virtual-t3 is a parallel project to t3[dmg].
With virtual-t3 it is possible to install a complete Typo3 Webserver in a virtual environment.
To make the start easier for Newbies to typo3 a template is allready included in virtual-t3.

virtual-t3 is composed of:
debian linux
typo3ver. same as version number of virtual-t3
a free css template

Preinstalled Users/Ports:
Apache port:80
MySQL port:3306
MySQL user:root
MySQL password:typo3
typo3 administrator:admin
typo3 administrator password:typo3
typo3 installation password:joh316
SSH Port:22
root password:typo3 (Caution: US keyboard layout!)

Download the ZIP file, unpack, import.
virtual-t3 is in OVA Format and can be used in every virtualization software that is able to import OVF files.
If you don't have a virtualization software, please check out Virtualbox from Sun (free).
virtual-t3 was developed using Virtualbox.

Start your virtualization software, start the VM, wait for the menu to be displayed.
At the first start please read the Help/About page.
You will also find the options Reboot and Shutdown in the menu.
There is no shell access from the console! The only way to access the shell is via SSH.
If you accidentally pressed ESC and the menu disapears, you have to login using SSH to reboot/shutdown the VM.
Network settings can be changed using the Confconsole (bottom of menu).

System requirements:
Virtualizationsoftware with OVA import function.
A DHCP server in your network.